Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ebooks in Japan

Japanese are the best copycats. They would take the basic idea from other people and develop them to a whole new level until they owned the industry all together. Best example would be automobiles. But I am more interested in their new passion for ebooks. My husband bought me an Amazon Kindle last year but looking at the choices of ebooks available now in Japan, my Kindle is almost useless. Kindle can only read books in its format or pdf, while the trend of ebooks now are more interactive and colorful to a point that they are publishing children's picture books in digital format now. Platforms to be used for these ebooks are smartphones,PC and the latest favourite, tablets such as iPad, Galaxy tab etc.

And have you seen this?

It costs less than 3000yen, which I think is very reasonable. You can get them at Yodobashi Camera outlets at the magazine/books section

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