Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Contraction interval when delivering Merisa

These were noted on the 8th of January 2011.

08.10am        15seconds
08.15am        15seconds
08.22am        22seconds
08.29am        19seconds
08.35am        19seconds
08.42am        32seconds
09.00am        30seconds
09.09am        24seconds
09.27am        35seconds
09.46am        35seconds
10.03am        38seconds
10.13am        21seconds
10.30am        30seconds
10.40am        32seconds
11.13am        30seconds
11.25am        34seconds
11.35am        20seconds
12.05pm        32seconds
12.24pm        42seconds
12.34pm        10seconds
12.42pm        31seconds
01.00pm        14seconds
01.05pm        25seconds
01.55pm        34seconds
02.18pm        19seconds
02.21pm        16seconds
02.36pm        32seconds
02.51pm        24seconds
02.59pm        26seconds
03.28pm        30seconds
03.41pm        24seconds
04.02pm        45seconds
04.25pm        45seconds
04.48pm        43seconds
05.25pm        20seconds
05.50pm        43seconds
06.30pm        35seconds
06.51pm        32seconds
07.21pm        40seconds
07.29pm        39seconds
07.46pm        49seconds
08.03pm        38seconds
08.29pm        45seconds
08.57pm        48seconds
09.12pm        48seconds
09.25pm        36seconds
09.33pm        51seconds
09.44pm        41seconds
09.51pm        30seconds
09.55pm        33seconds
10.00pm        27seconds
10.02pm        30seconds

We were told to only come to the hospital when the contractions are 10 minutes apart and lasted for 30 to 40 seconds.
We went to the hospital at 10.30pm. And Merisa was born at 4am, 9th of January 2011 :)

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